Birds 1 to 25
Image map Mallard American Coot Neotropic Cormorant Blue Jay Turkey Vulture Red-shouldered Hawk Red-winged Blackbird Northern Mockingbird Northern Cardinal Brown Pelican Great Egret Rock Pigeon Great-tailed Grackle Downy Woodpecker Snowy Egret House Sparrow Black Vulture Cattle Egret Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Roseate Spoonbill Willet Great Blue Heron Double-Crested Comorant Mourning Dove Black-crowned Night-Heron
Birds 26 to 50
Image map Laughing Gull Cliff Swallow White-winged Dove Red-bellied Woodpecker Green Heron European Starling Killdeer Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Least Sandpiper Lesser Yellowlegs Ring-billed Gull Little Blue Heron Blue-winged Teal Black-necked Stilt Common Gallinule Purple Martin American Crow Brown-headed Cowbird Eurasian Collared-Dove Monk Parakeet Osprey Eastern Bluebird Mottled Duck Ruddy Turnstone Swainsons Hawk
Birds 51 to 75
Image map Sanderling Black Tern Black Skimmer Royal Tern Sandwich Tern American Oystercatcher Tricolored Heron White-faced Ibis Forsters Tern White Ibis Black-bellied Whistling-Duck House Finch Crested Caracara Coopers Hawk Barn Swallow American Robin Black-capped Chickadee American Goldfinch Indigo Bunting Ruby-throated Hummingbird Common Grackle Rose-breasted Grosbeak Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Gray Catbird Hairy Woodpecker
Birds 76 to 100
Image map Cedar Waxwing Canada Goose House Wren Common Yellowthroat Song Sparrow Tree Swallow Wood Duck Orchard Oriole Mississippi Kite Inca Dove Reddish Egret Carolina Wren Loggerhead Shrike Eastern Kingbird Wood Stork Carolina Chickadee Tufted Titmouse Anhinga Purple Gallinule Bewicks Wren Pileated Woodpecker Yellow-throated Vireo Lesser Scaup Mute Swan White-eyed Vireo
Birds 101 to 125
Image map Yellow Warbler Couchs Kingbird Eastern Phoebe Black-crested Titmouse Egyptian Goose Louisiana Waterthrush Worm-eating Warbler Mourning Warbler Northern Parula Wilsons Warbler Dickcissel Ladder-backed Woodpecker Baltimore Oriole Black-bellied Plover Western Sandpiper Olive-sided Flycatcher Acadian Flycatcher Belted Kingfisher Blue Grosbeak Lark Sparrow Merlin Black-and-white Warbler American Redstart Red-eyed Vireo Boat-tailed Grackle
Birds 126 to 150
Image map Vermilion Flycatcher Ruby-crowned Kinglet Herring Gull Caspian Tern American Avocet Piping Plover Pied-billed Grebe Yellow-breasted Chat Black-throated Green Warbler Pine Warbler Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Eastern Wood-Pewee American Kestrel Spotted Sandpiper Golden-fronted Woodpecker American White Pelican Greater White-fronted Goose Yellow-rumped Warbler Ruddy Duck Savannah Sparrow Red-tailed Hawk Northern Harrier Greater Yellowlegs Eastern Meadowlark Northern Shoveler
Birds 151 to 175
Image map Fulvous Whistling-Duck Ring-necked Duck Redhead White-crowned Sparrow Brown Thrasher Sandhill Crane Snow Goose Sora Gadwall Long-billed Dowitcher American Wigeon American Bittern Red-breasted Merganser Common Loon Common Tern Swamp Sparrow Orange-crowned Warbler Great Horned Owl Common Merganser Spotted Towhee White-throated Sparrow Bald Eagle Ferruginous Hawk Common Raven Pyrrhuloxia
Birds 176 to 200
Image map Northern Pintail Green-tailed Towhee Says Phoebe Dark-eyed Junco Canvasback Rosss Goose Sharp-shinned Hawk Bufflehead Western Meadowlark Northern Shrike Northern Flicker Rock Wren Western Bluebird Black-throated Sparrow Townsends Solitaire Golden Eagle Cackling Goose Hooded Merganser White-tailed Kite Green-winged Teal Wood Thrush California Scrub-Jay Tundra Swan Varied Thrush Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Birds 201 to 225
Image map Glaucous-winged Gull Stellers Jay Annas Hummingbird Harriss Sparrow American Pipit Long-billed Curlew Whooping Crane Marbled Godwit Common Goldeneye Chipping Sparrow Hermit Thrush Barred Owl Field Sparrow Hooded Warbler Blue-headed Vireo Yellow-throated Warbler Hooded Oriole Ash-throated Flycatcher Summer Tanager Golden-cheeked Warbler Swainsons Thrush Pectoral Sandpiper Tennessee Warbler Blackpoll Warbler Long-billed Thrasher
Birds 226 to 250
Image map Short-billed Dowitcher Painted Bunting Magnolia Warbler Yellow-billed Cuckoo Lincolns Sparrow Scarlet Tanager Gray-cheeked Thrush Least Tern Chestnut-sided Warbler Semipalmated Plover Dunlin Wilsons Plover Philadelphia Vireo Wilsons Phalarope Prothonotary Warbler Common Myna Oriental Magpie-Robin Spotted Dove Eurasian Tree Sparrow Red-collared Dove Streak-eared Bulbul Little Egret Large-billed Crow Great Myna Olive-backed Sunbird
Birds 251 to 275
Image map Black-collared Starling Malaysian Pied-Fantail Coppersmith Barbet Javan Pond-Heron Zebra Dove Asian Openbill Spotted Owlet Gray-eyed Bulbul Blue Whistling-Thrush Oriental Pied-Hornbill Brahminy Kite Pacific Swallow Oriental Bay Owl Pacific Reef-Heron Thick-billed Pigeon Whimbrel Common Tailorbird Plain-throated Sunbird Olive-winged Bulbul Common Iora Asian Palm-Swift Pied Imperial-Pigeon Barred Buttonquail Black-headed Bulbul Scaly-breasted Munia
Birds 276 to 300
Image map Greater Coucal Little Grebe Gray-headed Swamphen White-throated Kingfisher Little Cormorant Eurasian Moorhen Germains Swiftlet Paddyfield Pipit House Swift Purple Heron Chestnut-headed Bee-eater Red-wattled Lapwing Bronze-winged Jacana Yellow Bittern Lesser Whistling-Duck Cotton Pygmy-Goose Blue-throated Bee-eater Plain Prinia Black-winged Stilt Chestnut Munia White-breasted Waterhen Oriental Reed-Warbler Green-billed Malkoha Ashy Woodswallow Plain-backed Sparrow
Birds 301 to 325
Image map Kentish Plover Striated Heron Common Redshank Asian Pied Starling Indian Roller Oriental Darter White-rumped Shama Emerald Dove Crested Serpent Eagle White-rumped Munia Black-crested Bulbul Mountain Imperial-Pigeon Blue-throated Barbet Streaked Spiderhunter Black-throated Laughingthrush White-browed Scimitar-Babbler Flavescent Bulbul Great Hornbill Indian Peafowl Magnificent Frigatebird Chimney Swift Common Nighthawk Marsh Wren Solitary Sandpiper Seaside Sparrow
Birds 326 to 350
Image map Black-chinned Hummingbird Brewers Blackbird Black Phoebe Western Gull Vauxs Swift Lesser Goldfinch Pigeon Guillemot Black Oystercatcher Pelagic Cormorant Western Grebe Red-necked Phalarope Great Crested Flycatcher Northern Bobwhite King Rail Least Bittern Rufous Hummingbird Broad-winged Hawk Northern Rough-winged Swallow White-tailed Hawk Woodhouses Scrub-Jay Clapper Rail White-breasted Nuthatch Purple Finch Fox Sparrow Brown Booby
Birds 351 to 375
Image map Vesper Sparrow Golden-crowned Kinglet Canyon Wren Plain Chachalaca Green Jay White-tipped Dove Cinnamon Teal Wilsons Snipe Bronzed Cowbird Curve-billed Thrasher Great Kiskadee Common Pauraque Peregrine Falcon Buff-bellied Hummingbird Altamira Oriole Olive Sparrow Green Kingfisher Harriss Hawk Greater Roadrunner Common Ground-Dove Clay-colored Thrush Least Grebe Gray Hawk Ringed Kingfisher Cactus Wren
Birds 376 to 400
Image map Greater Scaup Palm Warbler Sedge Wren Swallow-tailed Kite Red-headed Woodpecker Wild Turkey American Golden-Plover Greater Prairie-Chicken Cerulean Warbler Blue-winged Warbler Golden-winged Warbler Kentucky Warbler Blackburnian Warbler Black-billed Cuckoo Ovenbird White-rumped Sandpiper Semipalmated Sandpiper Stilt Sandpiper Red Knot Western Kingbird Black-capped Vireo Bells Vireo Black-headed Grosbeak Acorn Woodpecker Canyon Towhee
Birds 401 to 425
Image map Phainopepla Scotts Oriole Rufous-crowned Sparrow Chihuahuan Raven Barn Owl Broad-billed Hummingbird Painted Redstart Black-throated Gray Warbler Yellow-eyed Junco Blue-throated Hummingbird Magnificent Hummingbird Bridled Titmouse Brown Creeper Mexican Jay Graces Warbler Verdin Lucys Warbler Cassins Kingbird Plumbeous Vireo Hepatic Tanager Arizona Woodpecker Western Wood-Pewee Cordilleran Flycatcher Montezuma Quail Varied Bunting
Birds 426 to 450
Image map Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher Elf Owl Mountain Bluebird Huttons Vireo Heermanns Gull Surf Scoter California Quail Pacific Loon Red-throated Loon Brandts Cormorant Pine Siskin Pacific Wren Red-breasted Nuthatch Bushtit Mountain Quail Allens Hummingbird Mountain Chickadee Red-breasted Sapsucker Lazuli Bunting Clarks Nutcracker Northwestern Crow Rhinoceros Auklet Marbled Murrelet Violet-green Swallow
Birds 451 to 475
Image map Common Murre Black-billed Magpie Western Tanager Williamsons Sapsucker Calliope Hummingbird Horned Lark Gull-billed Tern Prairie Warbler Snowy Plover Nelsons Sparrow Horned Grebe LeContes Sparrow Eared Grebe Least Flycatcher Burrowing Owl Veery Bay-breasted Warbler Red-cockaded Woodpecker Eastern Towhee Willow Flycatcher Pomarine Jaeger Buff-breasted Sandpiper Chuck-wills-widow Cave Swallow Eastern Screech-Owl
Birds 476 to 500
Image map Golden-crowned Sparrow Black Turnstone Surfbird Mew Gull Brant Red-necked Grebe Harlequin Duck Wrentit Common Pochard Red Crossbill Great Gray Owl Eurasian Wigeon Tufted Duck Townsends Warbler Cape May Warbler Black-whiskered Vireo Bobolink Winter Wren Brown-headed Nuthatch Glossy Ibis Limpkin Northern Gannet Lesser Black-backed Gull Florida Scrub-Jay
Birds 501 to 504
Image map Fish Crow Bonapartes Gull Bullocks Oriole Red-vented Bulbul